Job Search Tips

5 Ways to Improve Your Job Search

Finding a new job can be tough, especially if you’re looking in a competitive field. But if you’re a professional in search of a new job, you can take critical steps to make your hunt as smooth and pain-free as possible. Here’s what you need to know when looking for new career opportunities.

Take your job hunt from good to great with these five tips:

1) Sell your accomplishments.

The key here is to be confident! Be proud of your experience and spike out your achievements. If you see value in them, others will too. If you reviewed our resume tips, you know to include your accomplishments in your resume under the work history section and within your cover letter. Don’t simply list your past roles and responsibilities. When you get to the interview stage, you’ll want to mention your accomplishments there, as well. 

2) Spice up your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is one of the most frequented places by recruiters and hiring managers, so be sure your social media presence is built to impress. Write an eye-catching objective statement—you may wish to write it in a narrative “story” format, or include a bulleted list of your key accomplishments. Add in keywords, as recruiters may be using a keyword search to peruse profiles. (You can find these in the job description or by looking at similar job postings.) Ask colleagues for recommendations, to add context to your work experience. Last, include a professional profile picture—not a selfie you took during your recent vacation. 

3) Work your network.

College classmates, coworkers from former employers, professionals you met at networking events—all of these people count as your network! Reach out and ask if they’ve heard about any potential openings. Not all open positions are advertised, and many companies offer referral bonuses, so it pays to start asking around. 

4) Visit industry websites.

If you’re a member of any organizations, visit their websites! Many professional groups post job openings online. The best roles may not be posted on traditional sites such as Indeed or Monster. Make sure to think outside of the box during your job search.

5) Talk to a recruiter.

Specifically, one who specializes in the placement of your sector's positions. Recruiters are experts at what they do and have the inside scoop on both advertised and unadvertised openings. They can also provide crucial job interview tips to help you land the perfect role for your skillset. This can make it much easier and faster to find the right job for you! 

Don’t give up!

The right job for you is out there. Starting a new job can be stressful, but don’t give up hope—you’ll find it if you keep looking (and you can maximize your search with the above tips!). 

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