Starting New Job Tips

7 Tips to get Settled in When Starting Your New Job

Congrats on landing your new job! You’ve worked hard to get here. Now it’s your time to shine. It’s vital to make a good impression on your boss and get acquainted with your coworkers. Today, we'll show you how you can make your first month at your job go as smoothly as possible.

They loved your professional resume, you aced the interview, and now you’re the new kid on the block. It’s tough being the new kid, but you can make it much easier on yourself with the following:

1) Take the time to prepare mentally.

Starting a new job can be stressful. You made it through the job search, the resume screening, and the interview process, and there's a reason for that. You're qualified and good at what you do. But, if you can, take a few days off before you start. The separation period will give you time to clear your head, so you’ll be refreshed and ready to begin your new position.

2) Meet people like it’s your job.

Say hello in the hall, the elevator, at the coffee pot, in the cafeteria, etc. The sooner you can break the ice with your coworkers, the more comfortable, and fun, your work environment will be.

3) Find a mentor.

You may be assigned one, but if not, seek one out. Your mentor will be invaluable to help you understand office politics and the intricacies of the company culture NOT outlined in the employee handbook. Your official (or unofficial!) mentor can also help to introduce you to coworkers.

4) Talk to your boss about expectations.

You may have some idea about expectations from your job interview, but the actual work environment may have different demands. It’s critical to know what’s expected so you can start meeting (and ideally exceeding) expectations. If your boss doesn’t schedule a 1:1 to review your roles and responsibilities, reach out and ask for one. Find out what your position requires to succeed at the company.

5) Take excellent notes.

In your first days and weeks of work, you’ll be learning a lot of information about the company. Write it all down and review when you have downtime to be sure you’re absorbing everything.

6) Reach out on social media.

Connecting on social networks primarily includes LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s a great way to continue to connect and relate with your new coworkers.

7) Map out the hot spots.

Where will you get your coffee in the morning? Where will you go for lunch? Check with your fellow employees to find all the right places to visit. You might want to consider inviting a coworker to go with you!

Go get ‘em! 

You’re a great person to know! Even though being new to any company can be awkward, try to be confident and friendly, but not overbearing. Every day, you’ll feel more and more comfortable at your new position. And hopefully, you'll feel a greater sense of career satisfaction that you did with your former employer.

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