ADVANTAGE is our premium recruitment service using the latest advancements in technology, AI, and automation, teamed with our award-winning niche market focused recruitment and search professionals to deliver you the very best talent in the marketplace.

Giving you a competitive ADVANTAGE in a candidate-led market.

ADVANTAGE includes:

  • Jarvis Success - Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Jarvis Elite Recruitment Team – Our top-ranked Recruiters work exclusively for our ADVANTAGE clients
  • Jarvis Ignition – Ignition meeting to define search and deliverables
  • Jarvis Client Accelerator - Our in-house marketing team work with you to produce a branded microsite
  • Jarvis Talent Attractor - Co-Branded advertising and SMM strategy lead by our in-house marketing team
  • Jarvis Talent Acquisition Platform - Digitally map the candidate marketplace
  • Jarvis Talent Accelerator - 24/7/365 automated recruitment platform  
  • JarviSearch – Our collaborative search software bringing transparency to the process
  • JarVision – Our custom-built candidate video interviewing platform
  • Jarvis ADVANTAGE Candidates – Access to exclusive candidates, only available to our ADVANTAGEclients
  • Jarvis ADVANTAGE Guarantee – Extended free of charge replacement guarantee, exclusively for Jarvis ADVANTAGE clients

Benefits to you

Proven success:

100% of ADVANTAGE projects have been successfully delivered

9.7/10 Clients would use ADVANTAGE again

Save time:

5.5 Hours the average time saved per hire

62% Reduction in time to hire

2.5 Weeks average time from ignition to hire

68% Reduction in the time spent interviewing

Increase Quality:

95% of candidates placed through ADVANTAGE are still employed after 12 months

100% Hiring managers state a stronger pool of quality candidates to choose from using ADVANTAGE

Lower Cost:

35% Reduction in cost to hire