Contract Recruitment

With upcoming projects on the horizon, your business is working on growth and expansion! It’s amazing how projects can grow and multiply, especially in the fast-paced world of technology and business. But when you don’t have the bandwidth to take on more, your current staff can become overworked, robbing them of energy and motivation. It’s draining when just a few do the work of many—and this situation can also lead to turnover and lost profits.

It doesn’t always make business sense to hire new full-time staff, and that’s where contract workers are an industry advantage. Jarvis Staffing can help you through the entire contract recruitment and staffing process.

Our recruitment process

When you need contract employees to fill temporary positions, we can help you tackle those big projects:

  • Source talent from around the world. We work with multiple global offices, so you can find the right talent—working locally or remotely worldwide.
  • Deep industry roots. Our extensive knowledge of staffing for the specific industry gives us a clear understanding of your needs. This means finding and placing the right contract candidates is a snap.
  • Singular market focus. Our position as a specialized, boutique recruitment firm gives you the advantage of our industry connections and experience in sourcing, qualifying and placing professionals.
  • Education and guidance. To help move our contract candidates one step ahead, we provide market education and guidance—for successful project completion that sets your business apart.

We can help with your contract staffing and recruitment needs. Don’t work with a skeleton crew! Contact Jarvis Staffing to staff up with contract hires.